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VSCO is Revamping its Mobile Camera App: Here’s a Peek

VSCO has announced that it’s redesigning its popular mobile camera app for both iOS and Android. The new app will be focused on both creating and consuming content, increasing the app’s strength as a photo sharing social network.

“VSCO has always been a community for expression; what started as just a photo editing app has since turned into a place to create, discover, and connect for a diverse, passionate community,” the company writes.

The new app will allow you to “move seamlessly between a space for editing and publishing, and a space for consuming great content from the people you follow and VSCO Originals.”

Here are some screenshots showing the 3 aspects of the new app: create, discover, and connect.




VSCO passed 30 million active users back in January 2016, up from 20 million in April 2015. It still has a long way to go before catching its main rival Instagram, which blew past 400 million users in September 2015, adding 100 million in just 10 months.

No word on the exact date on which this VSCO Cam update will be available. Just know that it’s “coming soon.”

VSCO Cam Adds the Alchemy Collection: 10 Presets for Cross Processed Looks


The war of photo filters rages on. Instagram recently added more filters and more editing tools to its popular smartphone app, and now VSCO is striking back with a new set of presets of its own. The company has just released The Alchemy Collection, a pack of 10 presets for giving your photos the look of cross processed film.

“Cross Processing is an experimental technique in which films are developed in an alternative chemical process, and often creates dramatic color shifts and high contrast,” VSCO writes. “The Alchemy Collection emulates this technique and features rich vibrancies balanced by refined tones, making this pack ideal for lifestyle photography, stylized portraiture, and strong statement images.”

Here are some sample photographs that have presets in the Alchemy Collection applied to them:












Unlike Instagram’s new filters, however, these new VSCO Cam presets don’t come free. The Alchemy Collection can be purchased for $3 as an in app purchase. You can find it in the in-app store in the VSCO Cam app for iOS and Android.

VSCO Cam Update Brings Copy and Paste Feature for Batch Editing Photos


VSCO updated its popular VSCO Cam app today to introduce Copy and Paste functionality that helps speed up your workflow. Instead of editing individual photos at a time, you can now copy the edits from one photo and paste them onto multiple images.

“It is one of the most frequently requested product features,” VSCO tells us. The update will allow users to “streamline workflow, dramatically decrease editing time, and achieve consistency in photo stories.”

Here’s how it works. First, select the photo with the updates you’d like to copy.


Tap the new Copy + Paste button to copy the “edit stack,” then select “Copy Edit.”



Then, select the photos that you’d like to paste the edits to.


Tap Copy + Paste, then select Paste Edit.



Voila! Super straightforward, eh? Here’s the video tutorial on how to use the new feature:

You can find Copy + Paste in VSCO Cam 4.1 for iOS and 3.2 for Android through the iTunes App Store and Google Play, respectively.