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Photographer Tells Off Tourists Ruining Everyone’s Photos in Hawaii

Thomas Heaton became everyone’s hero recently when he decided to tell off some inconsiderate tourists ruining everybody’s view of a lava flow in Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park.

Heaton, whose landscape photography YouTube channel has become very popular, recently took a trip to Hawaii where he (of course) decided to bike out to capture a sunset over the Kilauea volcano lava flow lava. A gorgeous scene, and one he managed to capture two different ways, but not before he had to speak up and ask a gaggle of tourists to stop breaking the rules.

Heaton and his wife were in a cordoned off viewing area—cordoned off because you might fall off a cliff if you go to the other side of the rope—but, of course, several tourists felt it was okay to ignore the signs and go take selfies on the edge, putting their lives in danger while simultaneously ruining everybody else’s view and pictures.


In an angry aside mid-video, Heaton explains his options.

“It looks like I’ve got two choices,” he says, frustrated. “One: take a photograph full of fat heads; or Two: climb over the fence myself, not only endangering my life, but being another utter moron who is in a place where he shouldn’t be. Disrespecting the park, disrespecting the volcano, and disrespecting everyone around.”

Well, actually he had three options. The third was “speak up,” and that’s exactly what he did.

Anybody who has been to a National Park to take photos can relate to Heaton’s frustration, and some might even cheer out loud when he finally breaks down and says something to the inconsiderate people breaking the rules. The fact that he’s able to capture some great shots afterwards seems only right.

Photographer Snaps Streaking Meteor Above an Erupting Volcano


While shooting recently in Kamchatka, Russia, Dutch photographer Tomas van der Weijden captured this remarkable photo of an erupting volcano and a streaking meteor being reflected in a lake.

Van der Weijden has titled the photo “Volcano Magic.”

The volcano in the frame is the active Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano in Kamchatka on the far east side of Russia.

“We had set up camp nearby and hiked out to the small lake to get a good view of the volcano,” the photographer tells PetaPixel. “We were extremely lucky with the circumstances (not just the meteor, but clear skies and the active volcano!), as it had been a couple of years since lava streams had erupted from this particular volcano.”

On the second night of photographing the eruption, as the sun went down and as the lava flow lit up, a flash appeared in the sky — it was a bright meteor.

A crop of "Volcano Magic" showing the details of the lava and meteor streaks.
A crop of “Volcano Magic” showing the details of the lava and meteor streaks.

“Luckily I was taking 15 second exposures,” Van der Weijden says. The long exposure allowed him to unintentionally capture his amazing shot. He was shooting with a Sony a7 II and a 16-35mm f/4 lens at 35mm and ISO 640.

“All in all, it was a very humbling experience to witness these forces of nature – a truly magical moment,” he says.

You can find more of Van der Weijden’s work on his Facebook, Instagram, and 500px.

Image credit: Photograph by Tomas van der Weijden and used with permission

Smiley Face Captured in the Crater of a Happy Hawaiian Volcano


While flying over the Pu’u O’o crater of the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island, Mick Kalber of Tropical Visions Video captured an unusual shot of what appears to be a glowing smiley face looking up at him.

It’s simply an instance of pareidolia — seeing familiar things or patterns where none exists — caused by the lava, but the shot has gotten Kalber quite a bit of attention since he captured it back on July 28th, 2016 (it even made it onto NBC Nightly News).

Here’s the video that produced the still frame above:

You can enjoy more videos by Tropical Visions on iTunes and on Google Play.

(via Mick Kalber via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Still frame and video by Mick Kalber/Tropical Visions and used with permission