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Vandals Caught on Camera Destroying Iconic ‘Duckbill’ Rock in Oregon


A group of vandals have been caught on camera destroying an iconic rock formation on the Oregon coast known as Duckbill Rock or Thor’s Fist, prompting many to both mourn the icon’s loss, and call for justice against the videotaped vandals.

The sandstone pedestal at Cape Kiwanda was a popular tourist attraction, despite the fact that it was in an area roped off to visitors. So when the rock was first reported to have collapsed, Oregon State Parks announced the sad news and said they did not believe the collapse was caused by humans.

However, a man named David Kalas has video proof that it was, indeed, human idiocy that spelled the end of the landmark.

Kalas told KATU News that he was helping a friend film parts of the coast with his drone when they saw a group of people trying to push Duckbill down. At first he laughed at what he saw as a futile attempt… but then the rock began to shift.

“I noticed that it started wobbling,” he told the local station, “and then I started to record it as two of the guys managed to knock it down.”

Apparently, Kalas then asked the vandals why they destroyed the rock formation, and got a self-righteous answer in return. “[They said] their buddy broke their leg earlier because of that rock,” Kalas said. “They basically told me themselves that it was a safety hazard, and that they did the world or Oregon a favor.”

Of course, once the rock was down, they stood on the crumbled remains, snapped a few photos, and left.

As was the case with the amateur filmmakers who were caught on camera breaking the rules at Yellowstone, the response has been swift and furious. In addition to posting many old photos of the rock—including a proposal on the Duckbill—people are calling for the authorities to find the vandals and hold them responsible.

Judging by this statement Oregon State Parks sent to Resource Travel, the agency seems inclined to comply with the request:

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, in cooperation with the Oregon State Police, will review the incident immediately and decide how best to respond. The department takes vandalism of a state park’s natural features seriously.

If you have any information regarding the people in this video, you can contact Oregon State Parks here. Otherwise, scroll down to see a few of the photos posted in honor of the fallen pedestal.

Zany Picture Frame Concept Encourages ‘Vandalism,’ Let You Draw on Your Pics


Typically, the only people who would take a marker to your pictures would be your kids when you’re not paying attention. But wouldn’t it be at least a little fun to pretend you were a kid again, take out a marker, and just go to town on a few of your photos?

Designer Brian Khouw obviously thinks so, which is why he came up with a concept picture frame dubbed the Vandalijst — a frame that actually encourages you to doodle on your photos.

There’s no need to worry, no harm will be done to the photos themselves. It’s actually the frame you’re drawing on using the attached whiteboard marker. And although you could probably do this with any frame — last we checked, dry-erase markers write on glass — this one is made specifically for that purpose.


“Psychologists have studied vandalism for years. Boredom, peer pressure and revenge are often mentioned as reasons,” writes Khouw. “But it is often overlooked that the act of vandalism is sometimes just also fun to do!”

The quirky concept frame is supposed to let you tap into that fun. “Draw a monocle and hat on your uncle from England, draw your dad as a superhero, draw yourself on the moon with a space helmet, draw hearts on your secret crush, draw devil ears and a pitchfork on your mean teacher in the class photo, the possibilities are endless.”

Of course, being a concept product, there are no plans on bringing it to market. But it is an interesting/silly idea that might just have you reaching for the nearest picture frame and a dry erase marker. Just make sure it’s a dry erase marker … you wouldn’t wanna grab a permanent marker by accident.

(via Yanko Design)

NBA Player Lamar Odom Calmly Destroys Paparazzi’s Gear on the Street

If you’ve ever questioned the wisdom of insuring your camera gear, witness the methodical fury of basketball star and Kardashian spouse Lamar Odom wrecking a photographer’s equipment.

The incident, as recorded and reported by bystanders, began Wednesday in Los Angeles when Odom was idling at a stop light. Several media photographers (paparazzi, if you want) approached his car and started asking about reports Odom had cheated on celebrity wife Khloe Kardashian.

Odom first tried deflecting the questions with iron-clad logic – ”I would never cheat on my wife, that’s why I wear my wedding ring.” — then asked photographers to put down their cameras and “let me talk to you man-to-man.”

When that didn’t work, Odom got out of his car and launched into the slowest, calmest form of a smackdown you’ve ever seen.

NBA Player Lamar Odom Calmly Destroys Paparazzis Gear on the Street lamar

Video and still images show the b-baller grabbing cameras, lenses and other gear (like a large wheeled camera gear case) from a  photographer’s car, throwing them in street, smacking another car with a piece of metal pipe and then throwing some of the gear in the trunk of his car before finally tossing it back in the street.

NBA Player Lamar Odom Calmly Destroys Paparazzis Gear on the Street stillframe

A still frame from the video shows a pricey DSLR flying out of a camera case and onto the road below

Response from photographer: “I was a big fan, but now I’m not.” And: “Blame it on Radar Online; don’t blame it on me.”

But the surreal highlight comes near the end, as Odom calmly and obligingly poses with a fan who wants to snap a selfie on her smartphone.

One photographer says he filed a police report for vandalism, but that’s it for any official response so far.

Unofficially, Kardashian explains on her Twitter feed that it’s all the photogs’ fault: “wow can’t believe a paparazzi snuck into our gated area and violated our private property!!!!”

(via New York Daily News, USA TODAY, and TMZ)

Update: The Los Angeles Times reports that Odom is currently being investigated for battery and grand theft in the aftermath of this incident.

Image credits: Video and still frame by Graeme Massie/Splash News/TMZ