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When a Kind Old Man Offered to Shoot a Couple’s Photo on the Beach…

There’s a new viral photo going around that shows what happened when a generous gesture turned into a heartwarming photo fail.

Reddit user Tyguy462 was walking around on a beach with his wife when a kind elderly man offered to shoot a photo for them.

“Would you like me to take a photo of you two love birds?,” the man asked. The couple agreed, handed over the wife’s phone, and posed for a picture. When they got around to reviewing the photo afterward, the couple was surprised to find a closeup photo of the man’s face instead. It turns out the iPhone hadn’t been switched out of selfie mode.

“Nailed it,” says Tyguy462.

Photographer Captured His Own Epic Engagement Under the Aurora

Photographer Dale Sharpe is a determined guy. It took two rings and two trips to the arctic circle, but he finally got engaged to the one person he loves, capturing the epic moment on camera while the northern lights danced above their heads.

Sharpe and his sweetheart, Karlie Russell, are both nature photographers who do a lot of traveling together. So when it came time to pop the question, Sharpe knew he had to do it under the northern lights. Unfortunately, fate kept getting in the way.

During the couple’s first trip to the arctic, Russell unknowingly threw away her own engagement ring, which Sharpe had hidden in a bottle in her luggage, because her bags were too heavy. But Sharpe stayed the course, saved up for another ring, hid it in his own medical kit this time, and planned another trip through Iceland, Norway, and Finland.

Together, they captured some spectacular arctic scenes—sunsets, silhouettes in front of the northern lights, and more—until the moment came for Sharpe to do the deed. He set up the camera under the pretense of taking a self portrait, dropped down on one knee under what he calls “the most amazing display of color in the Aurora that we’ve ever seen,” and popped the question.

All the while, his Nikon was firing away, capturing the magical moment for posterity:

Russell, of course, said yes.

Dale tells PetaPixel the photo was taken under a waxing gibbous moon, which allowed him to shoot 1.5-2.5 second exposures at f/2.8 and ISO 4000. “I had the camera on continuous shooting with a remote on the Nikon D810 and 14-24mm f/2.8 lens,” he said. “There were a lot of images that were unusable due to movement, and this one is still a little blurry but it was the best of the bunch!”

This is one of the few engagement photos that’s truly worthy of the term “epic,” and has quickly become the most popular photo on the the couple’s Instagram account with over 9,000 likes and 525 congratulatory comments.

To follow this special couple as they continue exploring and capturing the world, head over to the DK Photography website or follow David and Karlie on Facebook and Instagram.

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Image credits: Photographs by Dale Sharpe/DK Photography and used with permission.

Study Finds People Like Taking Selfies but Not Looking at Them

A small study out of Europe is confirming what many of us probably knew intuitively already: while plenty of people love taking their own selfies, most people have no interest in looking at anybody else’s.

The findings were published in a paper titled The Selfie Paradox: Nobody Seems to Like Them Yet Everyone Has Reasons to Take Them by Sarah Diefenbach and Lara Christoforakos of Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, and they’re based on a study of 238 people from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. 238 people from three countries is hardly a representative sample, which is why we’re calling this a “small” study and taking the results with a grain of salt, but their findings seem to corroborate common sense.

People enjoy taking and sharing selfies, but they don’t like looking at them.

77% of respondents said they took a selfie at least once a month, 27% once per week or more. But 90% of the same group said they viewed other peoples selfies as “self-promotion” (only 46% said the same of their own selfies) and even those who took selfies most often said they preferred to view non-selfie photos on social media.

“People taking many selfies themselves tend not to like viewing others’ selfie-pictures, and rather wish for a higher number of usual photos,” write the authors of the paper. “This expresses a somewhat paradox[ical] situation, where many people are engaged in selfies, but at the same time wish for a reduction of selfies in social media.”

Admittedly, this is a small, very cursory study limited in culture and region. But it lends some credence to something you’ve probably thought (and maybe even said) for a while now: nobody cares about your selfies.

(via DPReview)

Image credits: Selfie by Paško Tomić.

Popular Selfie Stick Kickstarter Copied and Undercut by China in Record Time


Remember the StikBox? The creative smartphone case selfie stick raised over $40K on Kickstarter for a product that would eventually cost about $47. But before the Kickstarter was even over, China was selling a perfect copy for as little as 8 bucks.

It’s part horror story, part PSA: if you’re planning to create a mass market product and release it over Kickstarter, be ready to deal with the lightning-quick copycats in China.

Isreali entrepreneur and creator of the StikBox, Yekutiel Sherman, was not ready. He did things the right way: put together prototypes, raised money from relatives to launch a professional crowdfunding campaign, and was prepared to deliver a fun, useful product.

But just one week after launching his successful Kickstarter, exact replicas started popping up online:


When his backers started finding the copycats, many of which were selling for less than half the discount price they paid on Kickstarter, the backlash was swift and unforgiving:

Creator’s last update and comment was nothing but a hopeless excuse. Undoubtedly this is a scam project. We all got deceived. Take a deep breath and let go. I pray for the death of this project. And for the deceased creator. If they’re not yet, my pray is hope they will soon.

Are you kidding me? We need the product now. You’re going to have your own lawsuit on your hands if you don’t start producing the products we’ve all paid for. Stop worrying about other companies and distribute your product. You’re company’s barely into its first year and you’re already running it into the ground.

You are charging double the price for what the copycats are charging, yet I seriously doubt the final product will be any better than the copycats.

Many comments, like the examples above, tore into Sherman’s company and attacked him personally; others were a bit more to-the-point, going with a simple “Refund.”

In all, Sherman estimates he’s lost “hundreds of thousands” in potential revenue, not to mention the trust and goodwill of the 929 people who backed his product and made it a “success” in the first place.

(via Quartz)

Olympus Reveals the Entry-Level PEN E-PL8, and It’s All About the Selfies


In addition to the more exciting updates this week, Olympus also debuted their newest entry-level mirrorless interchangeable lens camera: the PEN E-PL8.

Whenever the word “selfie” comes up in the press release headline (and first sentence) you know you’re in for an entry-level camera announcement, and Olympus was kind enough to fire off both of those warning shots.

Inside, you’ll be hard-pressed to find much difference between the it and the PEN E-PL7 that preceded it. The 16MP Live MOS sensor, TruePic VII processor, 3-axis in-body image stabilization, and 3.0-inch 1.04M-dot flip-touch LCD are all the same. What the camera got was basically an aesthetic redesign, including a new grip and a fresh top plate.


“The Olympus PEN E-PL8’s distinctive look is highlighted by modern, rounded body lines, an embossed Olympus PEN logo, intricately detailed metal dials, and premium metal and leather-grained finishes that perfectly complement each color option,” writes Olympus. “Each color palette is tailored to suit the user’s personal style, whether it is vintage, elegant and sophisticated, traditional or relaxed.”

Beyond looks, Olympus is mainly touting the camera as a great selfie taker.

The screen flips all the way down, and when it does it’ll automatically activate “Selfie” mode in which the display is mirrored and several selfie-centric options are displayed right on the touchscreen for easy access. If you have a power zoom attached, the camera will automatically zoom it back out in Selfie mode; and they’ve introduced a touch of lag into the shutter so you can shift your eyes from your finger back to the camera.

Here’s a closer look at the selfie-tastic PEN E-PL8:




The entry-level E-PL8 will be available in black, brown, and white starting in October. MSRP is $550 for the body-only, or $650 if you want to get the camera in a kit with the 14–42mm f/3.5-5.6 IIR lens.