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What Lens Should I Buy? This Video Breaks Down All Your Options

“What lens should I buy?” It’s one of the most common gear questions that pops up in the PetaPixel inbox, and while there is no one-size-fits-all answer, photographer Peter McKinnon does a great job of explaining what’s out there and what you need to know to decide on your next lens in this informative video.

The video is titled, appropriately enough, “What LENS should YOU BUY?!”, and it tackles the problem in a very systematic way. First, Pete explains the three questions you need to ask yourself before making any lens purchase:

  1. Do I want a lens for photos or video?
  2. What’s my subject?
  3. What’s my budget?

Then he takes you, step by step, through basically all of your focal length options (explaining compression along the way), talks through aperture options, and dives into what lenses suit what styles of photography best.

The video is 14 minutes worth of advice that beginners in particular will benefit from greatly—a basic breakdown of what lenses are most commonly used for what style of photography, and which options are going to give you the best bang for your buck when you start out. It’s a great resource worth sharing with your favorite photography novice.

So check out the final video up top, and then give Peter’s rapidly-growing YouTube channel a follow if you like these kinds of tips and tutorials.

5 Quick Tips to Instantly Up Your Photo Game

After sharing his 8 camera hacks in 90 seconds, Toronto-based photographer Peter McKinnon is back again with another helpful video for beginners. In the 6-minute one above, he shares 5 basic tips that can help you instantly improve your photos.

Here’s a quick overview of the tips he shares and shows:

#1. Angles: Take an extra few seconds to carefully consider the angle you’re shooting from.

#2. Shoot Through: Shoot your subject through other things to add more “interestingness” to shots.

#3. Think Opposite: Approach a subject from a way that other people aren’t.

#4. Lighting: Lighting is one of the most important parts of a photo, so give it priority.

#5. Framing: Place objects into the frame that help you tell your story.

You can find some of McKinnon’s work on his website and on Instagram.

8 Camera Hacks in Just 90 Seconds

Toronto-based photographer Peter McKinnon created this short video that shares 8 clever, quick, and easy camera hacks in the span of about 90 seconds.

“These are 8 camera hacks I use frequently when I’m shooting in the field and need to rig something up in a pinch,” McKinnon writes. “Most of these items can be carried or found on your person at any given time!”

Items used in his hacks include a belt, a coffee cup holder, lip balm, cellophane, sunglasses, a knife, a flashlight, and a smartphone. You can watch McKinnon demonstrating each of his hacks in the video above, but here’s a quick rundown of what his hacks are:

1. Use your belt as a sling

2. Use a coffee cup holder as a lens hood

3. Smear lip balm for a dreamy look

4. Use wrinkled cellophane as a creative filter

5. Use sunglasses for a color shift

6. Use a knife for creative reflection blurs

7. Add artificial flare with a flashlight

8. Use a smartphone for creative effects

Just as a warning: if you choose to try #3, it’s probably best to smear your Vaseline or lip balm on a cheap lens filter that you can clean easily instead of the actual front element of your camera lens.

(via Peter McKinnon via DigitalRev)