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Recreated Family Photos from Around the World


Then-and-now photo recreations have become extremely popular online over the past several years. Especially with rephotographed family photos from decades past, the concept offers a fascinating look at how people have changed over the years.

The folks over at TinyPrints asked photographers around the world to reshoot some of their favorite family photos. Here are some of the amazing responses they received:

Macedonia: Daniel Malenkov


“My mother is the brunette wearing a dark brown dress and hugging the man who one day will become her husband”

Ukraine: Anna Bogdanova


“This photo is of my Dad from 50 years ago when he was just starting to explore photography. That long ago taking a photo was more of a science than art and required so much build up—getting the focus, shutter speed, lighting absolutely perfect. But it was a practice my father loved doing. He told me at school it made him very popular with all the girls, who would run to him if they found out he was taking a picture.”

Ukraine: Irina Salo


“This photo of me and my dad was taken shortly after we moved into our first house together.”

Argentina: Sebastian Barraud


“I took this photo about 12 years ago when I first discovered my passion for photography. My father gifted me an old camera, a soviet LOMO LC-A, and I started shooting everything I came across. This photo is of my nephew Federico (nicknamed ‘Fede’).”

Malaysia: Rachel Guerrero


“This photo is of my two sisters, MaryGrace and Rebekah, when we had endless amount of energy and would spend it playing outside on our bikes.”

Venezuela: Adrian Lopez de Medrano


“This picture was captured on my 2nd birthday— it’s hard to believe that was nearly 20 years ago! In this photo, my mother is embracing me as my grandmother, aunt and uncle are around us celebrating the special day.”

United States: Elise Willingham


“Christmastime has always been a magical time of year for my family and I. When I reminisce on my childhood, many of my happiest memories are spent with my sisters and brother during the holiday season.”

Argentina: Sofia Szewczuk


“This photo was taken 17 years ago—the day my parents became legally married. My mother is the brunette in white wedding dress next to my father in the formal suit. My brother and I are pictured holding our parents hands as we posed for our uncle to capture our family between the ceremony and reception.”

United States: Bryan Vu


“This is a photo of me (on the right) and my cousin Emil, taken in Northern California around 1992.”

Image credits: Photos by their respective photographers and courtesy TinyPrints

Photos in iOS 10 Can Identify Faces and Objects in Your Shots


Apple just unveiled iOS 10 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco today. Among the new features is a smarter Photos app for making, storing, sharing, and revisiting your memories.

First off, artificial intelligence plays a big part of iOS 10. For photos, there will be automatic tagging of both faces and objects in your shots.


Together with a new Map view, Apple will help group photos by people, places, and more, all without any extra input from you.

These smart collections of photos are called “Memories” and are found in a new tab inside the Photos app.


The app can even automatically create video slideshows with smooth transitions and background music that allow you to revisit cherished moments in your life.

While Google Photos can do many of these powerful auto-suggestions and taggings as well, iOS 10 will be able to do all the heavy lifting — 11 billion computations per photo — directly on your iOS device, meaning you won’t need to transmit data across the Web.



The new Photos app on the next Mac OS, named macOS Sierra, will include many of these powerful photo features as well.

Image credits: Video by The Verge. Animated GIF by TechCrunch

Man Regains His Eyesight and 15 Years of Memories in Touching Short Doc


There’s a simple, obvious power housed inside of a photograph. Even a poorly lit snapshot captured at arm’s length with a few friends squeezed uncomfortably into the frame, even it is immeasurably precious because it contains the seeds of a memory.

This short doc by Google Photos reminds us of that fact.

The video below tells the story of Amit, a young Indian man who lost his eyesight in 9th grade and, due to a shortage of corneal transplants in India, has spend the 15 years since, blind. He’s been a part of memories, a subject in innumerable pictures, but he has never seen them.

The touching short documentary follows Amit before, during, and after his surgery, and lets us join him as he rediscover 15 years of unseen memories.

Photos Help Your Best Memories Live Forever

Here’s a touching 45-second video by ifolor, a photo printing company based in Switzerland. It’s a simple story about an elderly couple who get to relive the moment they first met, all thanks to a photographer who was on hand to snap a few pictures.

“Make your greatest moments live forever,” ifolor says. “Photos forever.”

(via ifolor via Resource Mag)

Facebook’s Moments App Can Now Turn Your Photos Into Movies

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 3.23.00 PM copy

Earlier this year, Facebook launched the Moments app for both iOS and Android. Similar to many other applications out there, Moments is aimed at combining your photographs and your friends’ photographers from a single event into an easy to navigate album (and then uploading them to Facebook, of course). Today, the app has received an update that can automatically create movies from your experiences.


Moments will automatically start generating videos for your collections with six or more photographs. You can even choose a nifty soundtrack to accompany the montage; Facebook gives you eleven options to choose. And, as expected, you can also tag your friends so they are notified of their presence in the video.

You can try out the Facebook Moments application by downloading it from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for no charge.

(via iTunes via Engadget)