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This Bookstore’s Creative Photo Series Matches Customers with Book Covers

Independent French bookstore Librairie Mollat is going viral, but not because of anything particularly literary. No, this publicity boost is because they’ve gotten really creative with their Instagram account.

Peppered throughout the usual photos of book covers and store shelves on their Instagram account, the Bordeaux-based bookseller has been creating fun and silly forced perspective photos by pairing customers and employees with matching book covers.

The results are surprisingly (sometimes shockingly) good, perfectly matching where a person’s face ends and the portrait on the cover of a book begins. Scroll down to see some of our favorites so far:

The creative advertising technique has worked like gangbusters. The photos have been spreading across the Internet like wildfire, earning the bookstore over 24 thousand followers on the social network—a few more than your typical indie bookseller.

To check them out for yourself, head over to the Mollat website or give them a follow on Instagram.

(via Laughing Squid)

Creative Photographer Brings Action Figures to Life in Fun and Funny Ways

Japanese Instagrammer Hotkenobi is making quite a name for himself, gaining thousands of followers who appreciate his talent for bringing superhero action figures to (often humorous) life.

Hotkenobi is an Osaka-based action figure photographer who uses a combination of photography, storytelling, and photo editing skills to make plastic figurines seem like they’re very much alive. Whether they’re interacting with massive real world objects in funny ways or reenacting a battle from a recent Marvel movie, the shots convey a surprising realism given that you know, beyond a doubt, you’re staring at little plastic toys.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite Hotkenobi creations, and then give him a follow on Instagram for even more action figure shenanigans.

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Image credits: All photos by Hotkenobi and used with permission.

This Photographer Travelled Across New Zealand with a Gandalf Costume

What better way to explore the far reaches of New Zealand … uhh, I mean Middle Earth… than with Tolkien’s Gandalf as your guide? That’s what photographer Akhil Suhas was thinking when, while planning his 6-month trip across the country after university, he packed a Gandalf costume… just for fun.

“I wanted a recurring subject in my photos and with so many photographers visiting the country, I figured that I needed to do something to set me apart!” Akhil tells PetaPixel. “I was watching the LOTR for the 5th time when I figured New Zealand is famous for 2 things: its landscapes and the LOTR + Hobbit Trilogies. So why not combine the two by having Gandalf in the landscapes?”

It took him 2 months to hunt down an appropriately accurate costume, but before long, he was on his way—15,000km with both camera and a Gandalf costume at the ready.

At first, the idea was to create self-portraits, but it didn’t take long for Akhil to realize that this was a lot harder than it sounded.

“I tried the camera on a tripod with a timer shot, didn’t work for me,” he said over email. “So, I started asking the people I met along the way if they wanted to put on the outfit.”

Surprisingly, man “gladly said yes” because, in Akhil’s words, “who doesn’t want to dress up as Gandalf!?” That’s how a “silly” idea turned into a beautiful small-person-big-landscape tour of New Zealand… Darn It! I mean Middle Earth.

Have a look for yourself:

If you enjoy the series and want to see more, check out Akhil’s Instagram account or Facebook Page. And the next time you’re planning a trip across some beautiful landscape… don’t forget the wizard robes.

Image credits: All photographs by Akhil Suhas and used with permission.