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20 of the Most Beautiful Drone Photos of 2016


Image sharing site Dronestagram is no Instagram, with its 600 Million users, but the drone-specific social network does contain some of the best aerial photography on the Internet. And today, they revealed their 20 best drone photos of 2016.

The dronestagram community delivered some really stunning shots in 2016—from nature, to architecture, to several unconventional portraits. It’s impressive what drone pilots are already capturing with their flying cameras, and we can’t wait to see this list next year, and the year after, and the year after that.

One day we’ll no doubt look back at these photos and laugh at how primitive these shots seem when we’re flying medium format camera drones and shooting everything in VR. For now, these 2D photos of our incredible 3D world still inspire awe:




Beach Camel Caravan





Aerial drone view of a curved winding road through the forest high up in the mountains










To see larger versions of these shots or find out more about or join Dronestagram yourself, click here.

Image credits: All photos used courtesy of Dronestagram.

4K Test Footage from the DJI Mavic Pro is Gorgeous, NOT Blurry

Photographer and videographer Michael Shainblum just released some 100% unedited 4K test footage and first thoughts from/about the DJI Mavic Pro, and it’s (to use the technical term) freaking gorgeous. So why does half the Internet think the Mavic Pro has a low quality camera?

A small mistake by some big names has people confused is why. Yesterday, popular filmmaker Casey Neistat released some side-by-side footage comparing the DJI Phantom 4 with the new DJI Mavic Pro, and the Internet was shocked. It looked really bad…

Here’s that original side-by-side:

So what gives? Did DJI really put a low quality camera into the Mavic Pro? It turns out, as Neistat himself corrected later on Twitter, that user error was the problem. Neistat didn’t properly focus the Mavic, making it look very soft.

And if you’re thinking this is just some trick to calm the masses, the 4K test footage by Shainblum should put that thought to rest. The Mavic captures gorgeous footage… in the right hands, of course.

The big reveal is the difference between the camera in focus and out of focus. DJI introduced tap-to-focus (similar to your smartphone) on the Mavic Pro, and that’s what has thrown some people off online. The difference between unfocused and focused footage, as pointed out by shainblum, is massive.

Here’s a screenshot from the video before focusing:


And here’s one after:


Even in these resized screenshots, the difference is immediately obvious. The Mavic Pro’s footage is definitely not soft.

Check out Shainblum’s full test video/first impressions in the video at the top of this post, and if you want to learn more about the Mavic Pro, head over to our announcement or check out this side-by-side spec comparison with the GoPro Karma.

Beautiful Drone Photos of the Most Expensive City in the World


Photographer Chia Joel (AKA idroneman) is capturing Singapore from a different vantage point. Using a DJI Phantom 3, he shoots captivating abstract aerial images that look straight down onto “the most expensive city in the world.”

Speaking with Joel about his photography, it’s immediately obvious how careful he is when he goes out shooting. “My aerial adventures consist of a number of important and well thought-out processes,” he tells PetaPixel. He scouts areas online and on foot, checks weather conditions, and finds a solid launching/landing spot that is, if possible, elevated so he can maintain the best signal strength and sight lines while also saving some battery.

It takes a lot of prep before shots like this one ever come to fruition:


Once safely in the air, Joel is still to this day mesmerized by what he’s capturing. “Most of the time, after a day of flying,” he tells us, “I end up so fascinated by how somewhere so ordinary or perhaps so common or random, can turn out to be a piece of art!”

His hope is that each of his photos—photos of common, ordinary, random things transformed by his drone’s perspective into abstract pieces of art—tells a story that will help others fall in love with a city he’s obviously quite fond of.

I hope to rekindle the love for Singapore, old or new, once again and hope to remind people that beauty can indeed be found here in Singapore if you just keep an open mind, and are willing to see things from a new perspective.

Here are a few of our favorite “new perspectives” from Joel’s archive:











To see more of Joel’s work and follow along as he goes on more high-flying adventures above Singapore, give his ‘idroneman’ accounts a follow on Instagram and Facebook.

(via Bokeh)

Image credits: All photographs by Chia Joel and used with permission.