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Humor: Marriage Proposals in the Age of Instagram

Comedian John Crist made this humorous 3-minute video poking fun of the “The Millennial Marriage Proposal,” in which a girlfriend being proposed to (played by Megan Batoon) is too focused on the resulting photos and videos to enjoy the moment.

“Because what’s the point of getting engaged if you don’t post it on Instagram?,” Crist says.

(via John Crist via DIYP)

This is What Happens When Retouch Requests Get Out of Control


Here’s a short and humorous sketch that pokes fun at how hard it can be to satisfy the wishes of clients as a portrait photographer.

Poza perfecta :)))))Cadou personalizat –>

Posted by Furi Curent on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How far would you go to keep a subject happy with your work?

(via Furi Curent via Shutterbug)

Meet Paul, the Guy Who Browses and Autotags Your Facebook Photos

Here’s a short 3-minute comedy video by Mashable that offers a “behind the scenes” look at how Facebook autotags the photos you share with the names of your friends and family. No, it’s not a sophisticated facial recognition algorithm, the video says. Instead, it’s a brilliant, dedicated, and real live human named Paul Zuckerberg.

“How does Facebook’s facial recognition really work? Meet Paul, the guy who looks through every single picture and remembers all of our faces,” Mashable writes.