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Canon 5D Mark IV Firmware Update to Reduce 4K Crop from 1.74x to 1.27x

Rarely has a headline so technical been so genuinely exciting. In addition to the rumored addition of C-Log, a new report claims Canon will also significantly improve the crop factor for 4K video shot with the 5D Mark IV from 1.74x to just 1.27x, letting you take advantage of a lot more sensor.

The longer we wait, the more details come to light about Canon’s rumored firmware update for the 5D Mark IV. We already told you about C-Log, but according to a new report by Canon Rumors, the video capability of the full-frame camera will be improved even further with this update, especially where 4K shooting is concerned.

Some highlights:

  • DCI 4K resolution will be increased to 5632 x 2970 or 1.27x crop factor.
  • UHD will go up to 5472 x 3078, or 1.29x.
  • 1:1 4K sampling will remain an option for those who want to use the 1.74x crop
  • Canon will add full-sensor 3K capture at 60fps and HDR 24fps.
  • 1080p will also use this same 3K mode, down-sampled to 1080 for improved perceived resolution.

Additionally, CR received more details about the rumor that you will need to send your camera into a service center for these updates. It sounds like, from this new report, you will not necessarily need to do this.

The new firmware will work on non-serviced cameras, but there’s a chance the camera will overheat. If you want to avoid this, you’ll be able to send your Canon 5D Mark IV in to be retrofitted with a better heat sink. All new models, meanwhile, will ship with the better heat sink already installed.

For now, none of this has been confirmed or officially released by Canon, so take it with the appropriate amount of repressed hopes. We’ll keep an eye out, and let you know as soon as any of this news becomes official.

Canon Acquires London-Based Printing Tech Startup Kite

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Scritto da Canon Rumors

LONDON, UK, 28th March 2017 — Canon Europe, leader in imaging solutions, today announced that it has acquired, the London-based mobile ecommerce platform specialising in personalised print. adds an important new focus area into Canon’s digital services portfolio, enabling the company to offer a print ecosystem unrivalled in scope. This acquisition is in Read more...

C-Log is Coming to the Canon 5D Mark IV

If you use the Canon 5D Mark IV for shooting serious video projects, here’s some news that may be music to your ears: C-Log is coming to your camera.

C-Log is Canon’s Log Gamma curve that allows you to capture maximal dynamic range from the camera’s sensor in a limited bit-depth video file (as opposed to raw data). The resulting video looks flat, lacking contrast and saturation, but you’ll have much more flexibility to produce the exact look you’re aiming for when processing afterward.

Here’s a short 49-second video by DPReview that offers a quick look at using a log gamma curve:

Canon Rumors is confirming with certainty that C-Log will indeed be added as a feature in the Canon 5D Mark IV through an update.

Instead of a simple firmware update you can do yourself at home, this C-Log upgrade might be something that may require sending your camera to a Canon service center.

“There is no mention whether or not this will be a service you will have to pay for or not, or if future EOS 5D Mark IV cameras will ship with the feature,” Canon Rumors writes. “While we cannot confirm this information at present, we wouldn’t be surprised.”

Canon may make an official announcement for this C-Log upgrade at NAB 2017 in Las Vegas next month. No word yet on when the update will arrive or whether other Canon cameras such as the 1D X Mark II will receive similar upgrades.

P.S. In other news, the iPhone can now shoot with a log picture profile using Filmic Pro version 6, which was just launched last week.

Canon Just Launched a New Clothing Line

Are you a die-hard Canon photographer who has longed to wear Canon-branded clothing? If so, Canon UK just launched a clothing line for you. It’s a collection of gear that includes jackets, bags, shirts, hats, umbrellas, and even a baby bib.

Here are some of the products that are now for sale in the “Official Canon Merchandise” section of the Canon UK website:

Camera History T-Shirt (£29)

“Black T-shirt in men’s regular fit featuring a white graphic print showing some of Canon’s most iconic cameras.”

Vintage Logo Cap (£12.50)

“A black baseball cap featuring an embroidered vintage ‘Camera Kwanon’ logo.”

Canon Umbrella (£25)

“Stay dry with this 92cm (27-inch) black golf-style umbrella, which is decorated with a timeline of iconic Canon cameras.”

Vintage Logo T-shirt (£29)

“Grey T-shirt in men’s regular fit featuring a black vintage Camera Kwanon logo from 1934.”

Vintage Logo Hoodie (£50)

“Regular fit men’s hoodie in navy blue, featuring a white Camera Kwanon logo.”

Canon Gear Baby Bib (£8)

“A colourful, waterproof baby bib featuring a Canon EOS digital camera – perfect for the budding young photographer in your life.”

Canon Windbreaker (£125)

“A water-repellent windbreaker jacket with photographer-friendly features, keeping you and your camera gear dry when you’re outdoors. Includes pockets to store lenses, SD cards and batteries, plus a detachable lens cleaning cloth.”

You can find the complete collection of Official Canon Merchandise here.

DPReview Tours Canon’s Utsunomiya Factory, Where the L is Made

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DPReview had the priviledge of touring Canon’s Utsunomiya factory during their time at CP+ in Yokohama, Japan. From DPReview: Recently, following the CP+ 2017 show in Yokohama, we were granted the enormous honor of a guided tour through Canon’s Utsunomiya lens factory. Canon has been making lenses in Utsunomiya since 1977, and we were the first Read more...

8 Ways the New Canon 77D is Different from the 80D

Canon made an unusual move in 2017 by announcing the Canon 77D as the first camera in a new line that fits between the 80D and the 800D (AKA the Rebel T7i). If you’re scratching your head about what makes the 77D different, check out the 4.5-minute video above by ZY Productions about 8 differences between the 77D and 80D.

“What on earth is the 77D? I compare it to the 80D and talk about how they’re different,” ZY writes. “I guess that makes the 800D a super spec-down of the 80D. 77D guts in an even crappier body.”

Canon says that the 77D “represents a new category of advanced amateur EOS cameras, a step above the Rebel series.” Here are the 8 main differences pointed out by ZY:

1. Viewfinder: The 77D uses a pentamirror viewfinder while the 80D uses a pentaprism one.

2. Shooting speed: 77D shoots up to 6fps, while the 80D can do 7fps.

3. Battery: 77D uses a lower capacity battery (1040mAh) than the 80D (1800mAh).

4. Shutter speed: 77D has a max shutter speed of 1/4000s while 80D can do 1/8000s.

5. Flash sync: 77D has a max flash sync speed of 1/200s versus the 80D’s 1/250s.

6. Layout: 77D uses a 4 way navigation pad instead of 8, among other minor differences

7. Bluetooth: 77D has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while the 80D only has Wi-Fi.

8. Stabilization: 77D uses digital 5-way image stabilization, something the 80D lacks.

Other differences not mentioned by ZY but pointed out in the comments of the video include:

9. Headphone: The 77D lacks the headphone jack that the 80D has.

10. Size and weight: The 77D is both smaller and lighter than the 80D.

11. Weatherproofing: The 77D isn’t weathersealed while the 80D is.

So if you’ve been wondering what you’ll be missing out on by paying $899 for a 77D compared to $1,099 for an 80D, there you have it.

“Picture the 77D as an 80D with cheaped out hardware,” ZY says. “In terms of pricing, the 77D is practically an economy version of the 80D.”

(via ZY Productions via Fstoppers)