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This Special Edition Beer Bottle Comes with a 360° Smartphone Lens on Top


A mis-named marketing gimmick is bringing together 360° photos and … beer? Yep. Beck’s beer has launched a special edition bottle that comes complete with a “CapCam,” a 360° lens you can pop off and attach to your smartphone.

The mis-named part should be obvious now: the “CapCam” isn’t a “Cam,” but we’re guessing “CapLens” just didn’t have the same ring to it.

Regardless, the CapCam was created for Beck’s beer by advertising agency BBDO Duesseldorf, and it’s actually the second booze-related camera accessory we’ve reported on recently—you can find the first here, and see the CapCam in action in the promo video below:

The point of the CapCam is to “provide an all-round view of those typical Beck’s moments shared with close friends.” Since the typical smartphone can’t capture those “all-around” moments, Beck stepped up and created the CapCam as a special giveaway to fans through Facebook.

And they’re announcing it just as Facebook has officially launched 360° photos and videos to the News Feed. Clever marketing.


As mentioned above, the CapCam is (unfortunately?) not available to the general public—you won’t find these special 360° lenses topping bottles in your local liquor store. You’ll have to engage with Beck on Facebook to win one yourself.

(via Bokeh)

Advanced Image Sensor Concepts Explained with Beer

When German image sensor scientist Joachim Linkemann gave a talk called “Advanced Camera and Image Sensor Technology” at Automate 2011 back in March 2011, he tried to boil things down to terms people could understand and ended up using beer to illustrate the concepts. If you want to learn about how things like signal-to-noise, dynamic range, and dark noise would work if a glass of beer was the pixel on an image sensor, check out the PDF slideshow.

Advanced Camera and Image Sensor Technology (via Image Sensors World via Rob Galbraith)