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INTERVIEW: Jimmy from Sony shows us the product line up! Full list of todays Gold Box deals at,, Bhphoto, eBay and Sony Introduces Ziptronix DBI Technology in Samsung Galaxy S7 (Electroiq). External Battery Rig for DSLR and Mirrorless with NP-F970 by Chung Dha Sony Lenses I use for Wedding Photos/Films (Jason Vong). […]

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This ‘Neural Photo Editor’ is Like a Fully Automatic Photoshop

This fascinating short demonstration of a neural network-powered photo editor might offer a small window into the future of Photoshop—a fully automatic future where massive changes are made in a single brush stroke.

The so-called Neural Photo Editor was developed by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, and it uses machine learning to predict and apply the changes you’re intending to make. For example, if you select a bright color and start painting over someone’s hair, it will assume you want to turn them blonde; being using longer brush strokes, and that blonde hair grows longer.

You simply select a color using their “contextual paintbrush” and have at it. The most basic inputs can produce extreme changes.


If you want to give the current version a try, you can download the bare bones off of GitHub. Just know that the Neural Photo Editor is still in its very early stages, so you won’t be using it (or anything like it) to edit proper portraits anytime soon. Sometimes it spits out really strange creations, and so far it only works on low res headshots by the looks of the demo.

Still, this could be a peek at the future of Photoshop. An “auto” mode that makes otherwise major retouching tasks as easy as picking a color and painting your “intentions” onto the canvas.

(via Digital Trends)

4K HDR Timelapse Captures the Magic of Snøhetta Viewpoint in Norway

The Snøhetta Viewpoint (or Viewpoint Snøhetta) in Dovrefjell, Norway is one of the most beautifully designed spaces we’ve seen. And if you haven’t seen it, there’s no better introduction than this 4K timelapse captured by photographer Alejandro Villanueva.

Designed by the company Snøhetta and managed by the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center, the viewing pavilion merges beautifully with the Norwegian landscape. Access is free to the public, but to capture his timelapse, Villanueva did one better: he got exclusive access from the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center.


The final product was captured using a 5D Mark III with Canon 16-35mm, Canon 50mm, Canon 70-200mm, and Sigma 24-105mm lenses. Motion control was done with a Kessler Second Shooter and a Kessler Cineslider.

The external shots were easy enough: single exposures just like any other timelapse. However, capturing the interior without blowing out the view (or visa versa) required some intense HDR work.

“All the outside sequences were single exposures, but the three inside sequences were made up of 3 to 5-photo HDR brackets, which translates into a gigantic amount of data to handle,” Villanueva tells PetaPixel over email. “Just to give you an idea, the corner sequence almost at the end of film alone, had over 3,500 images.”

Here are a few of Alejandro’s favorite stills from the project, along with some BTS photos of his setup that he was kind enough to send along:











The final product is remarkable, a beautiful indoor-outdoor timelapse that you would never know was full of 3 and 5-shot blended HDR frames. We’re almost too familiar with the spectacular nature timelapse in 4k or even 8k nowadays. But this… this is something different; dare we say, better.

You can see more from Alejandro by visiting his website.

Image credits: Photos and video by Alejandro Villanueva and used with permission.